Pine Rivers Special School

Administration Building & Learning Centre


Department of Education QLD



Pine Rivers Special School

As the third building by Macksey Rush Architects on the site, the New Learning & Administration Centre adds to the architectural language of security, accessibility and optimism. As the new front door to the school, the building provides a spacious and welcoming entry to make the experience of visiting the school a calm and positive one, for students, staff, parents and guardians.


Specially designed classrooms and spaces allow for both flexibility and fit for purpose functionality, giving the students the facilities, they need whilst also giving them the experience of a traditional classroom.


Natural breezes and fresh airflow keep the internal spaces feeling open and energised. Bringing natural daylight into the building through operable louvres, high raked ceilings, and clerestory windows, heightens the feeling of openness for students and staff.


Calm, refreshing colours across the building’s facade bring joy to the experience of being at school, and connect with the gardens and green spaces which interlink the buildings.


A new covered pedestrian walkway allows for safe and sheltered access into the school from a new visitor and staff carpark, and from the street front. The use of brick as a feature material gives this building architectural strength and security, as the main entry to the school, and as the focal point for administration functions.