Mansfield State High School

Creative Industries Building


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Mansfield State High School

The Creative Industries Building will be the third building completed by Macksey Rush on the Mansfield SHS site. The project incorporates a large three-storey building on the western edge of the campus: acting as an access link from the main body of the campus through to the large satellite sports centre to the north.


Functional spaces within the building include visual art, design, graphics, as well as student and staff facilities. Under-croft spaces incorporated into the design give flexibility-allowing these spaces to be built-in with teaching spaces in the future.


Elevated covered walkways extend from the building and connect with a generous covered verandah running along the eastern façade of the new building. These connections provide fluid access for students and staff to adjacent buildings and the campus.


A central, double-height space clad in perforated metal connects the two portions of the building – segmenting the visual mass of the building’s façade. This core space allows for presentations, gallery exhibitions, and informal teaching in a voluminous atrium, with close access to surrounding teaching spaces. The perforated metal surrounding this atrium allows natural breezes to flow through the space, and creates dappled sunlight through the screen’s perforations.


Also included in this project is site reclamation in the adjacent creek, and extensive site remediation and landscaping works.