The Women’s College within the University of Queensland

Master Plan


The Women’s College


2022 - 2023

The Women’s College within the University of Queensland

In 2022, The Women’s College engaged Macksey Rush Architects to create a 10-year masterplan, and we consider ourselves fortunate for this opportunity. Collaborating with the College Leadership team, staff, and enthusiastic residents and alumni presents a wonderful chance to contribute to the college’s future.

Recognising the rich historical and social significance of the College, we are committed to honouring its legacy in both architectural and social aspects within the forthcoming masterplan.

This masterplan is rooted in an analysis of the current built environment, incorporating insights from a community survey and group workshops facilitated with Surroundings. Diverse community responses regarding the college campus and lifestyle have been collected, forming the basis for the development of the masterplan.

Former Head of College, Dr Sallyanne Atkinson made the following comment about the master plan for the 21st Century:


“a master plan (needs) to prepare for growth in a way that reflects what the college has always been – a place for women to live and learn within the university community of their time. However, planning for the future first requires an understanding of the past”

Dr Sallyanne Atkinson | The Women’s College a Centenary History, pg. 6


“As education becomes more electronic, so that students can (in theory at least) receive much of their education through a computer, residential colleges provide the sharing of experience that only comes from close and personal interaction. As learning online is increasingly taken for granted, an important role of residential colleges will be to maintain the discourse, intellectual stimulation and friendly competition that are central to university life.”

Dr Sallyanne Atkinson | The Women’s College a Centenary History, pg. 7


Macksey Rush aspires that the phases of this masterplan will ready the college for upcoming expansion, offering amenities for the enjoyment of both present, past and future residents.