Marsden State School

Master Plan


Brisbane Montessori School, Fig Tree Pocket QLD


2022 - 2023

Brisbane Montessori School

Following a thorough audit of existing buildings, community consultation and analysis of site, Macksey Rush Architects and Jerremy Ferrier Landscape Architects have created a master plan for Brisbane Montessori School. Embracing the unique values of a Montessori school, the Masterplan presented the school with an opportunity to strategically develop the school site, replacing aging temporary building stock.


The aim of the masterplan is a built and natural environment that reflects a high-quality example of Montessori philosophy and pedagogy while embedding the findings from the community consultation undertaken by Surroundings. In their report, Surroundings summarises the findings into four themes: Learning Journey, Connection to Nature, Connection to Community and Hands on Activity. Macksey Rush used these four themes as the conceptual framework for the Masterplan.


The Masterplan proposed eight stages based on establishing the four distinctive planes of development. Each plane has precincts dedicated to providing tailored environments for the following age groups: Early Years, Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Middle Years, Senior Years and Adult Years.


An in-depth study of the twenty-eight Montessori design patterns was applied to a typical Lower Primary building to showcase how the development of each stage can be informed by Montessori philosophy. Moving forward the implementation of the Masterplan aims to create learning spaces that are uniquely Montessori.


We cannot speak highly enough of the Macksey Rush Architects team and the outstanding facilities master plan they created for our school. Their visionary approach and meticulous attention to detail will transform our educational spaces into something truly exceptional. Macksey Rush Architects skilfully incorporated our needs and aspirations, resulting in a design that fosters a dynamic and inspiring Montessori learning environment. Their professionalism, expertise, and collaborative spirit made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. We enthusiastically recommend Macksey Rush Architects for their incredible work and their ability to bring our school’s vision to life.


Donna Madsen | Business Manager