St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace

Master Plan


St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace


2022 - 2023

St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace

The College Master Plan provides a road map to ensure the successful planning and future development of the College. It provides a development strategy, usually between five and ten years, with a longer strategic outlook of 10+ years. It seeks to provide consensus for a future direction while including sufficient flexibility and adaptability to respond to changing environments, funding and opportunities that will inevitably arise as the College and curricula evolve.


Macksey Rush Architects have decades of experience working with Gregory Terrace. We understand the rich traditions and heritage of the site however have approached this Master Plan from a fresh perspective. This master plan reflects our years of experience, while also bringing to the table a new generation of architects equally passionate about education architecture.


In order to develop a robust Master Plan for the next 15-20 years, we sought feedback from the whole school community. We engaged in two community workshops, and digital survey conducted by Surroundings.  We listened to and documented the voices of many; past pupils, current pupils, leadership, administration, parents and friends. Macksey Rush reviewed the workshop findings and developed a strategic plan that will ensure that the College continues in a direction that embraces the whole school community and their aspirations.


This Master Plan is also underpinned by an audit of the existing campuses, an analysis of occupation rates, distribution of facilities and the conditions of spaces. The audit document   provided significant supporting data to scaffold our problem solving.